Making the Most of Your Visits at Countryside

Making the Most of Your Visits at Countryside

Working at a retirement community is a sincerely enjoyable job.  Most of us who choose this career have an affection for seniors that is just a part of who we are. We completely understand that as your parents enter these golden years and begin enjoying our active community your time together may be different than in times gone by.  Years of watching families adapt we have some pointers we are pleased to share.

Our Suggestions

Frequency. Weekly visits are ideal but life is busy, don't get hung up on how frequent, rather make your time together enjoyable. Ask if your parent likes scheduled or surprise visits. Bring any little ones in your life. Children are the best entertainment.

Come to Events. Review our monthly calendars on  and join them for events in their building. You are always welcome and it's an opportunity for them to show you a good time.

Making the Most of Your Visits at Countryside

Utilize outdoor spaces. Going outside isn't always routine for seniors so help them get fresh air and enjoy Countryside's amenities.

Digital Visits. FaceTime or Skype with kids and grandkids that are long distance. Especially college kids who have a hard time making time for grandparents.
Take written or video notes of family history or stories. Invaluable information for the whole family. 

Share your hobbies. Invite your book club or classic car group to meet at Countryside. Reserve space with the activity director and they can enjoy co-hosting with you.

For additional ideas or to reserve common area spaces use the contact us page and email the manager of your parents' building.

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