Ganton Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

Dec 14, 2017 | Rehab

Rehab Frequently Asked QuestionsSurgery in the hospital then on to rehabilitation. It can be a whirlwind for you and your family. The following list of Ganton Rehab frequently asked questions should help you and your family feel more at ease during your transition.

Does my insurance cover my stay?

Regular Medicare covers day 1 through day 20 as long as you are receiving services such as therapy, wound care, IV’s etc.  You must have an inpatient 3 day hospital stay to utilize medicare benefits.  Starting day 21 you may have a daily rate co-pay if you do not have secondary insurance. 


What time are meals?

The meal times for the Main Dining Room are

Breakfast 7am - 9am

Lunch 11am- 1pm

Dinner 5pm- 7pm

Lunch is the most substantial meal of the day. Countryside provides more than one choice and also offers heart smart diets and a’la carte options that can be ordered throughout the day at any time. 

Snacks are also available in between meals.  There is also additional dining rooms that are staffed for residents that need assistance eating. 

Guests can purchase meals for $7.00 daily or $10.00 on holidays.


When will I get therapy and how often?

May I request what time I receive my therapy?

You will receive a visit from therapy within the first 24 hours of your admission.  This will include a treatment session and evaluation to establish your goals. 

You will receive therapy at least 5 days a week.  We offer morning and afternoon sessions and are able to honor specific times as requested.  We also work around your meal times and other appointments. 


What are visiting hours at Ganton Rehab? 

The posted visiting hours are 10 am-8 pm. 

You may visit at other times but please be respectful of roommates, therapy, Dr. visits etc.  

All doors are locked at 8 pm for safety. A doorbell is located at the Robinson Rd entrance.


How do I get my hair done?

Countryside has a beauty/barber shop.  You can set up a trust fund with the Business office to pay for cuts, shampoo and sets, and permanents.  Tips are not allowed. 

The business office receptionist notify the beautician of your arrival and they will connect with you or a family contact person to see when you would like to schedule your appointment.


Will Ganton's Countryside drive me to my appointments outside of the facility?

Countryside transportations staff will transport medicare and medicaid covered residents to doctor appointments that are related to your rehab stay and in town.

Some select out of town locations can be accommodated. Countryside cannot send staff to stay with you during the appointment.  We request family or friends ride along or meet  you at your appointment.  We also request that our ward clerk or nurse schedule your appointment so we can eliminate scheduling conflicts. 

You also will have access to our staff Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner that are available through Team Health, Monday - Friday except holidays and are on call 24/7. 


Is a phone provided during my Ganton Rehab stay?

Yes you can make local calls from the phone in your room.  Dial 9 then the number to call out.  Each room has an assigned number that will be given to you at admission.  Family or friends can also call 517-787-4150 and ask the receptionist to transfer to your room extension.


Do I have a TV in my room?

All rehab rooms have Tv’s. Channel 4 is the channel guide and a written list of channels is on your room bulletin board or bedside table.


Will my laundry be done for me?

Yes! Countryside will do your laundry daily for no additional charge.  Please no wool or delicates.  We have a labeler to put your name on the tags.  Please fill out the inventory sheet when you arrive to help insure all your belongings are collected before you return home.


Can I go out of the building while I am here for rehab?

Yes.  Those that are receiving Medicare coverage can be out with family and friends for 4 hours at a time.  Please be sure that you have had your therapy appointment for the day before  leaving.  You will need to sigh out and back in with the nursing desk.


How long will I need to be here?

You will meet your care team within 48-72 hours for introduction and discuss your goals, concerns, and/or barriers when discharged home.

Then you will have a care conference within the next 10-14 days to talk about progress, equipment needs, and discharge plan. Length of stay varies on participation, insurance policies, and needs at discharge.

The care team is available to answers all of your questions and will involve you in planning a safe and successful discharge.


If I need Home Care or equipment for my home, who will set that up?

The Social Worker here at Countryside will order any medical equipment (walker, oxygen, shower chair etc.) or set up Home health Care before you leave.

Coverage and co-pays vary. The Social Worker will discuss what out of pocket cost you may have before making the referral. If you find that you cannot pay for these items the SW will provide  community resources that MAY assist with high costs.


What if I want to leave ASAP?

The Care Center wants you to have a safe and successful discharge. If you feel you want to leave please speak with the staff to discuss the reasons why.

Your care is important to us and we would like you to be as comfortable as possible if you need something please let us try and assist you. The care team would like a 72 hour notice before an unplanned discharge to set up Home Care, order equipment and arrange anything you may need to be safe and successful at home.


Ganton's Countryside Retirement Center offers all levels of care in a spacious, affordable, and friendly environment. Come for a private tour today, have a meal on us, and get your questions answered. We look forward to seeing you.

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