Assisted Living: What Will My Day-to-Day Life Be Like?

assisted living

Assisted living can be a lifesaver for anyone who is unable to safely take care of themselves without daily assistance, but it can also be a fun social experience for those needing more human connection. If living alone, preparing healthy meals, and housekeeping become too much, assisted living is a great solution.

Unfortunately, many elderly resist the move, anticipating an environment where freedom is restricted, days are long and boring, and loneliness is the norm. In reality, just the opposite is true in today’s high-quality assisted living facilities. We know how important it is to provide residents with choices, plan an abundance of activities and outings, emphasize exercise and fitness, and offer a wide variety of nutritious menus. So, if you or a loved one are considering assisted living, join us on a walk through a typical day at Ganton’s Countryside. 


Good morning! Assisted Living Style

You wake up around 8 a.m., later than normal but you stayed up for a movie last night with a handful of friends. After dressing, your assistant knocks and enters your apartment to help you with medications, washing up, and hair and makeup before walking with you to the dining room for breakfast. You find a seat with your usual bunch of pals and enjoy a hearty meal.

After breakfast, it’s time to decide what to do today, but first you need to sign up for a trip to Meijer to stock up on your favorite snacks and some treats for your grandkids. Once done, you meet your friends for exercise class and chat about what you’ll do with the rest of your day. Today there’s bingo, manicures, a travel log, a Tigers baseball game and, after dinner, game night.

Exercising was invigorating for all so you walk together to the patio where you share news about family and friends, including a few memories that make everyone laugh. After a while you decide to go to your apartment, watch a few game shows and return a phone call to your family.


Lunch is On Us.

Just before lunch, your assistant arrives to help you with your midday medications and then walks with you to the dining room right in time to join your table of friends. Today’s entrée choices are beef stroganoff on noodles with beans and a heart-healthy fruit and cottage cheese plate served with fruit bread. Both are tempting, as is the berry crumble for dessert.

Now that you’re full to the brim, you decide a little nap is just what you need before taking on the afternoon so you return to your apartment and settle in. When you wake up at 1:45 p.m., you realize you might miss bingo if you don’t get going so you brush your hair, check your makeup and head over to the activities room where your friends have saved you a seat. It’s a lively hour and although you don’t win, the comradery makes up for it.

Since it’s already mid-afternoon and the Tigers game is about to begin, you and a friend choose that over the walking club. It’s great to meet all the Tigers fans (and sometimes their families) cheering for Detroit.

Wrap Up Another Great Day.

Although the game is likely to go into overtime, dinner is near so you walk back to your apartment and await your assistant to help you with medications. Then you head out to dinner. You realize suddenly that you are starving and choose the French dip sandwich with potato wedges and veggies. It’s so delicious you eat the whole thing. After dinner, you have a cup of decaf with your friends and discuss who has family visiting during the weekend. One friend bids you all an early goodnight because she is packing to go stay with her son for a week.

The last decision of the day is whether or not to attend game night; while it’s always a great time with plenty of laughs, you decide to call it a night and return to your room to watch a little PBS and enjoy a cup of tea. Later, your assistant drops by to help you with your medications and takes a minute to put a few rollers in your hair for the night. Before long, your eyelids are heavy and it’s time to rest up for another day

Assisted living isn’t a carnival but it’s not a prison either. Instead, assisted living is designed to create a sense of safety, community, friendship, and caring for our residents and among our residents. Our hope is that everyone who joins the Countryside family finds their life enriched by new friendships, fun times, good food, and our outstanding staff.

If you would like to tour Countryside, we would love to meet you and show you around. Contact us today and schedule your tour!

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