6 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Move to Assisted Living


If you’re considering assisted living in your near future, you might be procrastinating as winter approaches. But autumn is a great time of year to make the move for many reasons. Here are six of them to keep in mind as you make your decision.

Why Fall is the Best Time to Move to Assisted Living

1) Beat the heat and the snow

Summer is over and winter is sure to come again, but there’s still time to move to assisted living without extreme heat or cold. According to weather.com, the average first snow date for Detroit isn’t until mid-November so that leaves a big window of opportunity for you to move to your new home during the cool days of fall. It will also give you time to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors without having to worry about getting your yard and home ready for winter.


2) More help available

Friends and family have returned from summer vacations, kids are back in school, and life has returned to normal. That makes it the perfect time for your loved ones to assist you without the risk of spoiling their well-deserved time off. In fact, they will probably be much more willing to help you during these pleasant months than during other times and will gladly step right up.


3) Minimize winter risk

According to the National Institute on Aging, “More than one in three people age 65 years or older falls each year. The risk of falling — and fall-related problems — rises with age.” Add to that the risk of walking in ice and snow during the winter and spring, and it’s easy to see how the danger increases. In assisted living, you will have immediate help available 24/7. You will no longer have to worry about shoveling your walk or driveway — an activity that can be deadly for seniors — and when a blizzard strikes, your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that you are safe and warm.


4) Get ready for the holidays in your new home

The holidays can be warm and wonderful, but if you’re alone, they can also be depressing. Making the move to assisted living in the fall gives you time to settle in before the holidays arrive and you will get to enjoy lots of fun and entertaining things to do as the season begins. No matter your faith or your end-of-year holidays, you will have plenty of activities to help you celebrate. For a taste of seasonal things happening in assisted living, take a look at Ganton’s Countryside events calendar. Year-round, you can expect daily activities from exercise to music to fun food events that will keep you busy and happy.


5) Fall is a good time to sell your home

If your plan to move to assisted living includes selling your home, fall is a great time to put it on the market. Again, the expectation of winter drives buyers to find a new home before the snow flies, and after the summer selling season, there is often less inventory available. You also may be able to hire contractors easier in the fall, as summer is their busy season too. Don’t forget how the beautiful fall colors can enhance your home’s curb appeal, an important ingredient in a quick sale. Find out more about how homes are selling in your area at realtor.com.


6) Fall is a good time to hire a mover

In sync with the busy summer real estate selling season is that of professional movers, who are less in demand in the fall. In addition, you may even get a mover for less during the fall, making your move all the better. The key to moving success is to get bids and schedule your move and your mover as soon as possible. Moving .com offers a wealth of information to help you make your move as painless and affordable as possible.


The move to assisted living is a big step, but one that can make your life so much simpler and a lot more fun. You can find more about different types of senior care facilities from the NIH, or browse all the options at John Ganton’s Countryside today.

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