10 Tech Gadgets Seniors Will Love

tech gadgets seniors

The holidays are fast approaching and even if you can’t spend time with your favorite senior, you can still give them a gift that will make their lives more convenient, safe or just enjoyable, through technology. Here is a list of 10 great tech gadgets they will appreciate!


Motion-activated toilet light

Getting to the bathroom in the dark can be a lot easier for seniors with a motion-activated toilet light. No more bright lights in the middle of the night, instead a soft glow in a variety of colors will greet them and help to avoid fumbling in the dark and even trips and falls. Amazon takes a look at options available and offers editorial reviews as well.

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Assisted-listening aids for TV

Loss of hearing is very common as we age, which can mean a senior will eventually turn the TV volume up so high, it becomes uncomfortable for others in the room. If wearing a hearing aid is not an option, consider assisted-listening headphones or other devices that amplify the sound only for the person wearing them, allowing others to enjoy the time they spend with their loved one and share their favorite shows. The AgingInPlace.com blog, “Best TV Listening Aids for the Hearing Impaired” takes an in-depth look at several devices and provides pricing and specifications for each.


Robot vacuum

Vacuuming can quickly become a burden for elderly people but it’s a job that must be done. Enter the robotic vacuum, an idea that has really cleaned up! These disk-shaped units are programmable and have lasers and sensors to help guide them around furniture and walls. And unlike many cumbersome upright or cannister vacuums, the best ones don’t use bags but gather debris in a bin that’s easy to empty. Take a look at some of the best available in the PC Magazine article “The Best Robot Vacuums for 2020.”


Grabber gadget

How many times have you had to help a senior pick up something they dropped? Or use a step stool to reach something that’s too high? Old fashioned “grabber” tools work fine for many, but technology has improved on them with the ODii Ultimate 3-in-1 Grabber Gadget. This handy little tool is portable and comes with a bright LED light, a detachable magnet and is capable of lifting 10 pounds.


Wireless phone charger

Keeping cell phones charged is challenge for everyone but it’s especially important for seniors. Not only are cords a hazard, but having a dead cell phone in an emergency could be a disaster. With a wireless phone charger, you can eliminate some of that risk and provide a convenience that will be appreciated. Wireless chargers are available for bot Apple and android products and some may also let them charge their tablet as well. Lifewire.com offer an overview of some of the top rated wireless chargers in the article, “The 9 Best Wireless Phone Chargers of 2020.”


Online security

Seniors who spend a lot of time on line will love the security that comes with the SmartMeStick. This handy little device is plug-and-play, does nothing to change a computer or slow it down, and stores no data. It just protects the device from outside intrusion. Best of all it can be used in any device because it is similar to a thumb drive and unplugs in a flash.

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Key finder

Lost keys are not unusual, but for seniors it can be even more frustrating due to memory loss. Now there’s a fast and easy solution in a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that attaches right to the key ring and uses a phone app to quickly pinpoint their location. There are several brands available and Tomsguide.com reviews and compares them in the blog, “Best key finder in 2020: Tile vs. Chipolo vs. Orbit vs. Mynt.”


Go-to-sleep aide

For seniors who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, a new device may be able to help. The Dodow sleep aide is non-invasive and uses the action of a projected soft pulsing blue light to help focus on breathing,  clear the mind and relax the viewer so they fall asleep and sleep well. It’s small and might be just the cure for those sleepless nights!


UV sterilizers

Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, killing germs has never been so important. For seniors it can be especially difficult to clean surfaces, door knobs and items like cell phones as often as needed to keep them safe and healthy. One easy option is a hand-held or box UV sanitizer that uses the power of ultra-violet light to quickly and safely destroy viruses and bacteria on just about anything. These great little gadgets are explained and reviewed in the Forbes article, “7 Of The Best UV Sterilizers For Phones And Other Household Objects,” to help you choose the right one and avoid scam products.


Portable water station

Seniors can often forget to drink the quantity of water required to keep them fit and healthy. For those who have trouble getting up and down or walking, getting a drink can become a real chore. One easy solution is the Fillup portable water station that holds 70 ounces of water and can be placed in a convenient spot like an end table or bedside table. It even keeps water cold for 24 hours so each glassful is as good as the last.



These are just a few of the many tech gadgets that can make life easier for seniors. We encourage family and friends to spend time talking with their loved ones to learn what they need to enhance and improve their lives. For more information about Countryside, please call Margaret Nagel at (517) 206-5000 or download our brochure to learn about our care levels, cost, and amenities.


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